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My original “About Me” page said this:

I am a mother and wife living on 2 1/4 acres.   I am in an on-going process as a student of permaculture to use the land in a responsible, sustainable, and healing way.   I have a passion for trying to make our lives more simple and living more simply.  I also love the outdoors.  We garden, raise chickens, hang our wash out to dry, make our food from scratch, and try to live simply.

I will be sharing how I do some of these things and the struggles I come across.  So welcome to my life.  Hopefully we can learn from each other while trying to make the world a better place

But, I had a bit of an awakening.  I realized I wasn’t so happy homesteading.  I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.  And I opened myself up to being okay with that.  I outlined my overall feelings in this post.

Much of what I outlined in my original “About Me” is still true.  I still want to make this world a better place, I still crave simplicity.  But I’m going about creating that a different way.

I am a writer, a philosopher, runner and cook. I have chickens and turkeys, but no longer strive to provide almost all of my own food. I may or may not have a garden next year.  Homesteading is still a part of me, but not all of me.  And this blog will reflect that.

I want to serve you with my experiences.  I want to make this world a better place by sharing my struggles and always being honest. That’s my promise to you.

Three Different Types of Eggs from Three Different Types of Chickens

Three Different Types of Eggs from Three Different Types of Chickens


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