Another Bird of Prey

I walked to my back door and looked out the window at the sky.  I saw a typical sight, a crow attacking a large bird, presumably a turkey vulture.

First of all, crow are amazing animals.  They will defend their territory against birds of any size.  When watching the aerial show, I noticed this turkey vulture had some non-turkey vulture characteristics.  For instance, vultures wing tips are finger-like.  This means that the wing tips splay out and you can actually see distinct feathers at the tips of the wings, whereas bird of prey have a wing with a more solid looking wing.

Yes, this large bird had the wings of a bird of prey.  This bird was much larger than any hawk I’ve ever seen in my back yard.  As this bird was driven closer and closer attempting to get away from the attacks of the crow, I saw it was a …



Bald Eagle.  Yes!! A bald eagle came into my backyard and perched upon the tree to see what could be seen.  The Eagle sat there for about 30 minutes, surveying the land, and taking a break after a recent attack.

Several times, it seems as though this Eagle was looking at my chickens for a bit of a snack.  My chickens, at that time were no more than 30 feet away from me.  My thoughts on an Eagle eating my chickens? “That would be pretty cool if I got to see an Eagle land that close to me!”

However, I don’t believe I would be as excited if an eagle ate 3 chickens in one day, as those hawks had. It still would be amazing to see an eagle that close in the wild.  Fortunately/ Unfortunately, the hawk had no interest in the meal that was below him.  He flew off, leaving myself and everyone in my house filled with excitement, gratitude and a sense of awe.

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