Creators and Consumers

Innovators and Copiers

Actors and Audience

I think we all land in  both categories at some time.  We have to.  But some people create, innovate and entertain more often than others.  They can’t help it.  Their wheels are always turning, innovating.  And the aim of their creation reaches so much further than just any single object or idea they put in the world.

One of my favorite writers, Danielle LaPorte ( strings words together that make me feel, make me think in different ways and opens my mind.  I’m consuming her stuff, but it also makes me want to create.

She tells a story a two of her friends in The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul, Lance and Louise.  Louise loves Lance, Lance doesn’t quite feel the same vibe for Louise.  So, in a very romantic movie kind of way, Louise approaches him about her love one final time.  And like the lyrics of a song, the words in this story play in my mind over and over again.

With heart in hand and Cabernet courage

Geez.  I can feel that.

Her selection and ordering of words make me feel.  Who knows if that was her why.

She also describes her desires in another section of the book.  She wants to “make things that make people want to make things of their own”.  With that single line, she inspired me to want to make things.  To be a creator.  To be part of the makers, not the takers.

And when you make things, and yes, that means you.  If you are reading this and you want to make something, please do.  And in your doing, in your making, in your creating, you inspire the hell out of me.

Do you tell awesome stories around a campfire? You know the kind, every time you tell the story, it gets more entertaining (but maybe less true?).

Do you sing songs, play guitar, draw, make videos or build with legos?

Thank you.  You make this world so much richer.  You make me want to create.

Creative Inspiring Home:

When I walk into a house filled with creative souls, I can feel the inspiration.  There is a house in particular that comes to mind.   I walk into that house and the inspiration is oozing out of every wall.  The walls are filled with art, books, music and movies.  The backyard is filled with native plants that harbor wildlife, and are beautifully arranged in a calming flow.  It makes the small backyard in the middle of suburban insane-sameness feel like a safe quiet heaven.  And then there is “The Fridge”.  Oh The Fridge! It is filled with quotes, some cartoons and some pictures.  An hour could be spent ( dare not say wasted ) enjoying the collage of creation.

This heavenly house is far from being featured in the most recent architectural Digest, or the most recent Home Decor magazine.  But when you walk into this house, you know who lives there.  You feel them.  You feel their appreciation of beauty, of family, and their humor.

And do you think when the owners of this house were hanging pictures, arranging pictures and stacking their shelves with books – everything from Music Appreciation, Children’s books, Art books, Fiction, Gardening- Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be elated) do you think they ever thought I would leave that house wanting to make things of my own?

No! but creativity is contagious. It makes your cells vibrate in a different, almost primal way.

And I don’t necessarily think it needs to be shared.  Unless you want to.  There are many words I string together on paper.  Many scribbles I make, many silly stories that play out in my head.

I throw most of them away.  (There are parts of my life that I am unapologetically, furiously attached to, I sometimes work on unattachement in other areas).  Why did I create? Who did I inspire?  No one.  But it let me enjoy my human experience a little more.

It allows me to feel a little differently.

So please continue to create.  Whatever it is, in whatever way it is.  Just let yourself come alive in that very special way that only you do.  Because when you do, you inspire me.  You really do.

Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Joan Strong

    Oh my, Julia. I’m glad you are sharing at least some of your creativity. “But it let me enjoy my human experience a little bit more.” Pretty much sums up the explanation for why anyone would benefit from finding a little slice of time for creative expression.


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