More Perennials

Today was my three year anniversary.  Chris continued construction on his shed, and I worked and planted some perennials.  I even had some help from my favorite little guy.


I planted five plants.  Four of which are called Cone Flowers or Echinacea.  You may recognize the name since it is a rather powerful herb.  When I was pregnant, my midwife recommended I take echinacea for a minor infection.  It is an overall immune booster that you can take when you feel a cold coming on.  This plant is actually one of the ingredients in Airborne.

Native American, such as the Kiowa, Cheyenne, Pawnee and Lakotah, used this beautiful plant for its medicinal properties.  They used it for tooth aches, head aches and the common cold.

I planted them by the road, around the telephone pole, so it would be easier for my husband to cut the grass.



I will be sure to add more pictures once the flowers come into bloom.

Beautiful with a purpose.  Nothing like celebrating your anniversary to the man you love with plants that have so many qualities to love!

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