Never Give Up – Another Lesson from Trees

There are times when all feels lost.  When it feels like nothing will work, and I feel dead inside.  I know, depressing.  To deal with this, walking around outside always helps me to feel grounded.  It also gives me some hope.

You see, last year, we planted a Chicago Hardy Fig Tree.  We put it to “bed” over the winter by covering the whole tree with straw to to keep it insulated from a cold, harsh winter.  In my typical fashion, I got excited at the first signs of spring, and uncovered the tree before the risk of frost had passed.  Frost came, and it seemed all was lost.  I thought our fig tree had died due to frost.  So I cut the trunk about two inches above the top of the ground.  I figured the fig tree was nothing more than mulch.


After a month or so, that small dead stump started to sprout branches.



And now the tree which I had written off as dead is now sprouting figs.  We have over ten baby figs on our tree.



We thought we lost another tree.  One of our paw paws started to die.  The leaves started to shrivel up and we started to give it lots of TLC.  However, we lost it.  Our small paw paw tree was transformed into a stick.



We were okay with this.  When you plant trees, some are bound to fail.  But time passed and nature worked another miracle:


Our paw paw tree sent up shoots from it’s roots.

From what we thought were dead trees came healthy shoots.  Not only did our fig tree astonish us with leaves, it blessed us with fruit.  This is such a beautiful metaphor for life.  Sometimes when we feel like all is lost, we need to take a break and walk away.  When we come back to our problems, who knows what life may have been regenerated within us.

2 thoughts on “Never Give Up – Another Lesson from Trees

  1. Joan Strong

    Lovely photos. Lovely writing. I needed to see this for a number of reasons. I have a smoke bush that has suddenly gone from spectacular to wilting and browning. I am going to do what I can to help it recover.

  2. Mike @ Gentleman Homestead

    Send a little PawPaw love our way, would ya?

    This spring I built two mini tester swales in my future food forest that I’ll expand, and planted five pawpaws into their berms. One leafed out, but the other four are still just bareroot sticks. :/

    I’ve read they’re crazy hard to bring up, which is confusing since they’re so prevalent in the wild around here.

    Congrats on your success!


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