Our Property

Chris and I purchased our property in January 2013.  It was perfect for us: Southern Facing, partially wooded, three bedroom, and a home that was about 1,000 square feet.  The perfect size for our family.

I wanted to make our home a place that produced more than it consumed.  We bring in milk, and we output yogurt and cheese.  I bring in seeds, I produce tomatoes and sauces.  I don’t want us to be self-sufficient, I just no longer wanted to be reliant on the big corporations for ever little thing.  I wanted to make most of we used, and this property makes it easier for us to do that.

Our property has about an acre of young woods.  That means the trees are relatively small, and there is a lot of scrub brush.   This makes it difficult to navigate in the summer when the thorny plants and poison ivy take over.  This will be a big project to clear out the brush, so we are focusing on the open areas first.

The first thing we did was prepare our place for chickens.  I bought day-old chicks online and my husband constructed a coop.


Chris made this coop with re-used materials.  The posts were from fencing company with plans to burn them.  The siding is cedar and was torn off a foreclosed house.  And the framing used old pallets. With his skill and ingenuity, we were able to build this coop for less than $50.

Along with the chickens, we added a garden, and some fruit trees.

My biggest focus in upgrading our land is productivity.  So when I add trees, I want to add trees that fruit.  I will be discussing what we have added to our land, and some surprises we found as the summer unfolded last year.  Thanks for coming along with me on my journey!