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How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are making anything that requires you to peel and core your apples, and those apples are organic, try making some homemade apple cider vinegar.  It’s super easy, and I think it’s pretty dang cool.

This is so simple and easy, it reminds me of the peanut butter post.  But it’s worth discussing, as I don’t think making apple cider vinegar is intuitive.

First take you apple scraps and put them in a glass jar.  These scraps are the peels and cores.  I compost the moldy or rotten pieces.  Stuff as much of the scraps as you can in the jar.    The amount of scraps produced by a batch of apple butter was enough to fill up two quart jars.


Add about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to each jar.  Make sure the vinegar is “live” and has the mother.  One that I know works as a good started is Braggs brand.  I have heard that you can do this with out the starter, but I have not tried it.

Fill the jar the rest of the way up with water and either loosely cap, or cover with a cloth and rubber band.  Place in a dark location away from extreme temperatures.  If the temperature is comfortable for you, than it’s fine for your jars.  In warmer temperatures makes the process quicker, cooler temperatures cause the process to take longer.



Check on after about a week, then check every few days.  You may see some foaming or other growth.  Just spoon that off and compost it.  It’s fine.



Check it every other day and taste the acidity.  Once it gets acidic enough for your palate, strain the apple/vinegar mix through a sieve and into a glass storage jar.  Those two quarts of apple scraps gave me a quart of vinegar.


Put a lid on it and store at room temperature.  Congratulations! You just made homemade apple cider Vinegar!