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Let Your Eco Flag Fly! (and save money at the same time)

How can you harness solar power, save money AND have great smelling clothes?  Hang your clothes outside to dry!

20140527_095745 It is estimated that running your dryer for an hour on medium will cost you approximately $0.70.  For us, that’s one load.  We have about three loads of clothing, one load of sheets, one load of towels and two loads of diapers a week.  That’s 7 loads or $4.90 a week.  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up overtime.  Over a year, that’s about $250 annually.

An anecdotal story: years ago, my parents went from exclusively using their dryer to hanging all their clothes to line dry.  The electric bill for the two of them, who do much less laundry than our household, decreased by $10/month.  Not too shabby.

What about during the winter? During the winter, we hang our clothes inside.  We bought folding racks (which you can use for your undies if you are embarrassed to hang them outside).

I liked the lighting best outside, we usually have this inside.

I liked the lighting best outside, we usually have this inside.

We also hang them from a line we strung from the ceiling in our basement.  We very rarely use the dryer.

In college, I saved in more money per load by hanging my clothing to dry.  I would wash it at the laundromat, and dry it in my apartment.  I used the a drying rack and the  furniture.  I saved over $1 a load.

Now, it does take some more time, but it is worth it. This is an affordable and easy way to harness the power of the sun.