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Dragon’s Tooth Beans

Fall of last year, I saved my dragon’s tooth beans from my garden.  That way I wouldn’t have to buy any bean seeds.  I saved myself a whooping $2.50!  But we all know it’s not just about saving a few dollars here and there.  This was about a sense of self-sufficiency.  About being able to save them myself and gain the knowledge.

I planted them mid-April, about an inch deep in the soil.  I planted them in between my corn.  So my rows alternate one corn seed followed by one bean, and so on.  I didn’t really water them, as we didn’t need it.

So, did it work?  YES! We had rough start at the beginning of the season. Most of our leaves resembled lace.


We left them go.  Our hope was that the insects that were eating these plants would attract some natural predators and the population would balance out.  We were right!  The plants got healthier as time went on and gave us these beautiful blooms:


I just finished bringing in my second batch of beans.  They all look very healthy and happy.  And they are super tasty.


We ate them raw with dinner last night, but you can prepare them anyway you would regular green beans.  A favorite in our house is pan frying them in bacon grease with a few sliced almonds.

We successfully did a full round of our food from beginning to end: We saved the seeds, sowed the seeds, and harvested them, all without any outside resources.