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Easy Homemade Broth

Chicken broth is super nutrient dense (especially when you get grass-fed birds).  In fact, bone broth is a huge part of a GAPS and the Westin A. Price diets.  As I found here, ingesting bone broth helps your body stay happy in the following ways:

  • Heals your gut, thus promoting healthy digestion.
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation.
  • Promotes strong healthy bones.
  • Helps fight infections (including the common cold and flu).  So eat that chicken soup when you are sick!!
  • Help you with your gorgeous hair, nails and skin.

This is the broth that you make.  Not that yucky, blucky stuff you find in the stores.  Even the organic stuff.  My homemade broth is gelatinous when refrigerated, and sometimes gelatinous at room temperature (and is always liquid when warmed).  Whereas, any store bought broth I have purchased is liquid at all times.  That gelatin is part of what makes the bone broth so darn good for you. Now, how on earth do you make this stuff!??  Good News!!! It’s simple! and it takes VERY little hands on time.  YEE-HAW!! Here’s how:

1) Make that chicken in the crock pot and enjoy it for dinner.

2) Separate the meat from the bones and skin.  Save the meat for a sandwich, or another recipe, and put everything else you wouldn’t eat back into the crock pot which is was cooked.  There may be some juice in the bottom of it already.  Keep it there!  That’s broth. 20140523_185157 3) Top your bones with water. 20140523_185406 4) Set your crock pot to low and let it cook overnight (or during or work day).  Just let it cook for awhile.  Make sure cooks for no more than 16 hours, but Ideally about 10.  I accidentally left this go for almost 24 hours and I had a royal, inedible mess.  Learn from my mistake.  No need to make your own.

5) Turn the crock pot off and let everything cool.

6) When everything is cool enough to handle, dump the contents of the crock pot through a mesh strainer into a storage container. 20140524_184126 7) Now you have your broth!! Place it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, scrape off the fat that solidifies on the top.


Use this to cook rice, makes soups and stews, or use it any place that calls for broth.  The flavor and the nutritional punch is second to no other broth on the market. And it’s simple to make.  Looks like we hit a home run today!