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Back to Basics: Rice

This is an another installment of my back to basics series.  My first back to basics post was on cooking dried beans.  What goes better with beans than rice?  Rice and beans is a delicious and cheap meal.  Also, the ingredients are great for long term storage.

What Type of Rice to Use?

There are several types of rice: sushi, wild rice, brown rice, basmati rice, and the list goes on.  My favorite type of rice by far is basmati rice.  The basmati rice has a beautiful fragrance and a wonderful taste without having to add any spices.  Although, when I make rice and beans, I do add spices.  I will share how I make rice and beans in a later post.

Let’s Get Down to the Basic Business:

I  make my rice different than I’ve ever seen anyone else make their’s.  I also like my rice better than most any other I’ve tried.

  1. I start off by melting about a Tablespoon of butter or coconut oil in a sauce pan at medium high heat.IMG_0099
  2. I then add about 1 cup of rice and fry it up.  Allow your rice to warm up.  This will only take about 2 minutes.  Take care not to burn the rice.  You will start to smell the beautiful scent of rice fill your kitchen.  Especially if you are frying up that wonderful basmati rice.IMG_0101
  3. After about a minute or so add your homemade chicken broth to the rice.  You can also use water.  I prefer broth; it gives the rice a richer flavor and adds more nutritional punch to the dish.  For this I usually start off with a 2:1 ratio of liquid to rice.  So for one cup of rice, I add two cups of liquid.  I used a combination of defrosted broth and the broth cubes I talked about in this post.IMG_0103
  4. Bring your the liquid to a simmer, continuing to stir.  Bring the stove down to medium heat. Stir every few minutes.  Just to make sure you don’t have any rice burning to the bottom of the pot.  You may have some rice stick, or even some burn.  Your batch of rice is still good.IMG_0108
  5. Your rice will start to plump after about 20 minutes.  Now it’s time to use your most powerful tool in the kitchen: your mouth.  With a clean spoon grab a few grains of rice, and let cool.  Taste them.  If they taste done, you are done, if they are crunchy, continue to cook the rice.  ***NOTE*** if at any point in this process your rice starts to get dry, add another few cubes/Tablespoons of broth (or water).  IMG_0105
  6. When the rice reaches the consistency you desire, you are done.  If there is too much liquid in the pot at this point, continue to simmer your rice until most of the liquid has cooked off.  If you can’t possibly cook all the liquid off, drain the excess liquid from your rice, eat it and call it a learning experience.  Or if it all works out, and I hope it does, call it delicious.  IMG_0111

Enjoy your rice in your favorite recipe or as a side.  Let me know how it turned out!!