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Elderberry Harvest

Back in May of this year, I posted about some of the perennials I planted and included pictures.  One of these plants was an elderberry.  Quite frankly, it looked like a stick in the ground:

Elderberry, First planted

Okay, two sticks in the ground.  With a little spurt of green.

My, how four months have changed that.  After producing some beautiful white flowers during late spring/early summer, I got a harvest of berries off of it:


This harvest of less than a quarter cup is not something that I can even preserve, I have to use it right away, but it is very cool to get a fruit within four months of the initial of planting.  It will continue to get better and better, and most of my work with it is done, all I really  have to do is harvest!! Oh, how I love perennials I have an idea of what I’m going to do with this, but I’m saving it for a future post.  Tune in later!!!!


Elderberries are mostly used for medicinal purposes and are turned into a syrup.  This syrup can be used to help heal a cough, and also as an antibiotic.  In fact, when Jaxson had what looked like a minor infection, the doctor “prescribed” him elderberry syrup.