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Easy Egg Replacement

So with the advent of our egg desert, which is populated by 20 chickens (seems like we should have oodles of eggs), not only is Chris experiencing an egg shortage in his breakfast, but I am also experiencing a lack of eggs for my baking and cooking.  Normally, I would put my baking project on hold, or find something else to make, but I had a request for cookies from a colleague.  This colleague has done a lot to help me, and cookies are a very small request that he specifically asked for.  We also had my nephew’s birthday party, and I wanted to bring something to the party.  So I had to figure something out.

I had 3 eggs, and I wanted to make two different batches of cookies: Snicker doodles and Chocolate Chip.  Each batch requiring two eggs.  I realize this is becoming a bit of a math problem, so I will cut to the chase.  I needed four eggs and I only had three.  What is a baker on a mission to do?

I had a some options:

  1. Only make one batch of cookies
  2. Make two half batches of each kind of cookie
  3. Stop everything I was doing, get myself and my two-year old ready to go in a car and drive all the way to the store for some sub-par eggs, laid by hens who were treated inhumanely
  4. Use an egg substitute and cross my fingers that it worked.

Being that I’m me (and what a wonderful thing to be. ~Dr. Seuss), options one and two are out of the question.  As far as option 3 is concerned, I don’t think I’ll ever buy eggs from the grocery store again.   I would buy eggs from our farming neighbors, but they are all Mennonite, and therefore closed on Sundays, and Sunday is when I ran into my lack of egg dilemma.  By process of elimination, we see that Option four is the way to go.

I used a VERY SIMPLE (Yay, simplicity is the name of the game!!) mixture that includes only water and ground flax seeds.   This will work for your baking projects, but clearly will  not work for something like scrambled eggs.



Mix one Tablespoon of the Ground Flax seed.  This can also be called Flax seed meal.  Also please store your ground flax seed in the fridge so that it maintains all of its healthy oils and they do not go rancid.


Add  3 tablespoons of water, and mix to incorporate.


Let sit for at least 5 minutes. You will notice the mixture turning gelatinous.  This mixture will replace one egg.

I believe that eggs are VERY good for you, so I don’t want to extol the health benefits of using this mixture over eggs.  However, flax seeds are really good for you too!  They are high in fiber, and have omega-3 fatty acids (those are those acids that are good for brain health!).

So if you are ever in a jam due to lack of eggs, give this method a try!  I’m glad I did! YUM!