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A Hankie-Panky Post

Have you ever had to blow your nose and you either had to use a hard scratchy paper towel or you had nothing so you had to sniffle continuously?  Or maybe all of your tissues have been turned to scraps from you using them one too many times?

Whether you call it a hankie, a handkerchief, or snot rag, it’s a great way to make your life more simple, and reduce your waste.

Here are the reasons I primarily use a hankie:

  • It’s soft – So it may not be as soft as the super lubricated tissues you can buy, but they are sure softer than a paper towel.  As long as I don’t have a major case of the sniffles, my hankie keep my nose happy.  When I do have a major congestion or runny  nose, even those super soft tissue still hurt.  If you get a cold and you want to use lotion tissue, then do so! There is no exclusivity contract you sign with your hankie.
  • They are strong – how may times have you had a limited supply of tissues, and you use one until it’s thin, and all wet.  Yuck.  You will not have your hankie fall apart from use.
  • No messes in the washing machine – How many times have you or a family member forgotten a tissue in your pocket to only find it later all over your freshly washed clothes in you washing machine.  This won’t happen.
  • No extra work – To clean them, simply wash and dry with your clothes.
  • Costs less and better for the environment than Tissues – A reusable item versus a one-time use item.  The reusable items wins this one every time.  And even if your tissues are from recycled material, a reusable item always wins.  Plus you will never run out, your hankies will always be there.
  • Multiple uses – You can use it to dry your brow, as a head band, or a blindfold.  I have even used my handkerchief as a dust mask when cleaning out the chicken coop, or spreading straw.
  • Can be attractive or MANLY – We have hankies in camo, purple, pink and black.  This is clearly much more fun than plain old white tissues.

Making this change isn’t a big deal, and you won’t be able to retire from the cost savings, but it is one piece of the puzzle toward living a more simple and whole life.