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More Hawk News

Since my last post, we have had another chicken meet her demise by the talons of a hawk. A hawk swooped through the one opening in our netting and killed another one of the chickens.  This time it was a fully grown chicken.  Though the hawk didn’t get a chance to enjoy his pilfered meal, due to a panic that set over him.  Once he killed our chicken, he realized he couldn’t simply fly away.  He spent all of his energy trying to find the exit of the run where he came in.  He left the carcass of the chicken on the ground.


After this we added security to our run.  We strung old fishing line over the openings.  This seems to have worked.  We have had no more hawk attacks.  Although we still have hawks which come in our yard, and eye up our chickens, we have been hawk-attack-free for 5 days.


Our neighbor, who is an avid-ish bird-watcher stopped by, and the issue of the hawks came up.  He informed us that we are in the middle of a massive migration of the Broad-winged hawk.  Hawk Mountain, which is about 15 miles from our house, counted 888 hawks in JUST ONE DAY.  So, chances are that we are not getting the same hawk time and time again.  This explains why we had two chickens killed in one day.  Also, this gives me some relief that this is a seasonal problem.  I will still be able to have my chickens do my garden clean up for me.

If the hawks wouldn’t be eating my entertainment and egg-suppliers, I would actually be quite excited to be seeing them come through.  Perspective is a powerful lens.  Yet another lesson learned from our land.