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Here’s my purpose, what’s yours?

Recently, Jack Spirko over at the The Survival Podcast had a contest.  The winner of the contest won a ticket to the Permaculture Voices 2 conference.  This is the second annual conference and the only conference of its kind.  This conference is a meeting of Permaculture farmers, teachers, innovators and Permaculture fans.  It is a place I want to be.  The contest was an essay contest. In 300 words or less, the contestants had to tell Jack why they should be selected to go to the conference.  I entered.  I did not win.  However, writing the essay allowed me to think deeply about my purpose and about what going to this conference would do for me.

I consider it a blessing anytime I get to examine myself and my motives more deeply,  It allows me to re-calibrate my actions so that I can be of the best service to myself and others.

I wanted to share my non-winning essay with you:

Helping and Healing.  This is my purpose.  Once one discovers their purpose, one discovers their passion.  Once a passion is discovered, dreams quickly become a reality through work and through doing.  Permaculture encompasses both helping and healing.  By healing the land, I can help heal people.  I am in the process of healing my own land, and I am working to help others heal themselves and their land through my blog.  I will continue to help others by holding workshops at my local library, granges, and farm to table restaurants and eventually at my homestead.  I want to spread knowledge and skills while leading through example.

I am a perpetual student of permaculture.  I continue to expand my knowledge base through books, podcasts and PDCs.  To me, permaculture is a way of living, thinking and doing.  It gives a person a new lens in which to see and evaluate the world around them.  Permaculture has also given me hope, drive and a realization of what my life’s purpose truly is.  Realizing my life’s purpose has been the strongest driving force I’ve experienced.

Investing in someone with a purpose, and someone who is driven to take action to make a real change is always smart.  This type of investment will certainly show a return on the initial investment.  By attending Permaculture Voices, I will be able to learn from others’ successes and from their mistakes.  I will get to meet with like-minded people, and make connections that can help me achieve my life’s purpose: Helping and Healing.  I may also be able to help others with their goals and life’s purpose.  This is an opportunity to help me help others, an opportunity for me to learn and improve.

I have not started any workshops yet, but I am in the thought process of who, what, when and how.

This leads me to two questions: What I can do to help you or your land heal?  What is your purpose?  I would love to read your comments!