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Homemade Yogurt

Eat more bugs!! Having lots of healthy bugs in your system is really important for overall health. Especially when taking antibiotics.  One way to get some healthy critters in your colon?  Yogurt.  Especially the homemade kind, so you know there are lots of good creepy crawlies going into your belly.

Making yogurt take very little work, but does take a lot of hands off time.  I would say about 16 to 24 hours.

You need the following material:

Milk: I use Raw Goat Milk from a farm just down the road from us.  You can use any kind, although I caution you to stay away from Ultra pasteurized and Fat Free.  The milk doesn’t seem to respond quite right when it’s ultra-pasteurized, but pasteurized is fine.  And please, please use full fat milk.  There are so many great fat soluble vitamins in your milk.  I make 1 gallon batches, but you can make whatever amount of yogurt you want.  Your yogurt won’t expand or contract in volume, so if you want a quart of yogurt, use a quart of milk.  The yogurt lasts a really long time, I would guess about a month.

Yogurt culture: For the first batch of yogurt buy a plain full-fat yogurt that has live cultures. You will see the indication for live cultures on the side of the container.  You only need about a half cup to three quarters of a cup.  If you use more, that is fine.

Crock pot: I use a crock pot that holds a gallon.  I’m sure you can make this over the stove, but I’ve never tried it.

An Instant read thermometer: So you can read the temperature of the milk. I got mine for $15 at a local store.

Glass mason jars or other storage containers for you fresh yummy yogurt.

Empty your milk into your crock pot.

Turn the crock pot on low and allow the milk to reach 190 degrees F (or 180).  This lightly pasteurizes your milk so that the good bacteria we want does not have to compete with any other bacteria that will lead to spoiled milk.

Turn you crock pot off and wait for the temperature of the milk to reach 90 degrees.  This is the temperature is low enough that none of our good bacteria will be killed in the heat.

Scoop out about a half cup your either previously made yogurt or store bought yogurt into a pint mason jar.

Fill the rest of the jar with the milk from Crock pot and stir.

Add this mixture to the milk in the crock pot and stir.

After everything is well incorporated, scoop it out into the mason jars,

and put them in an oven with a light on.

Let it culture in your oven for 8 to no more than 24 hours.  You can tell this is done by either tasting it or testing the consistency. Put lids on the containers and store in the refrigerator.  The shelf life of this can vary, but if it grows anything fuzzy, gets a weird consistency or just doesn’t seem right, get rid of it.

Keep in mind, this yogurt is plain, so you will have to flavor it.  One of my dad’s favorites is to add peaches and maple syrup. You can also use it in a smoothie, which my son really enjoys.

I will be posting my basic smoothie recipe shortly.

How do you like to fix up your plain yogurt?