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Honor Your Darkness – A Poem

Honor your darkness,

Your shadows,

Your depths.

Honor the place in you that only you know about.

Honor the place that you fear.

Honor that which is in you.

For within the depth of the darkness,

We find our light.

We know not what light is,

Without the dark.

We know not elation

Without the needed tribulation.

Not all of it is Rainbows and Starlight,

But without the rain,

we have no rainbows.

Without the dark of night,

Stars are invisible.

So honor your darkness.

Honor the genesis of your rainbow.

Honor yourself.



All sides.

Honor Your Light – A Poem

It’s undeniable:

When you’re lit up.

When you honor that which lights you up.

You light up more.

You light up those around you.

So honor your light,

Honor your joy,

Do what makes your soul soar,

Your belly fill with butterflies

and Your Spirit Roar.

You Jump.

Not knowing if you’ll be caught,

but knowing the ride will be worth it.





Honor your light.


Your Life is Your Biggest Work of Art

Living deliberately.  Not going with the flow.

Choosing what’s right for you, because it’s right for you.

Or choosing it because it’s comfortable, even if it’s wrong for you.

No Matter what,

It’s your choice.

Your life is a work of art.

It’s your greatest, ultimate creation.

The small decisions you make everyday add up to one big creation in the end.

No matter what you chose or how you decide,

It’s yours.

No one else’s.

Like a painter, who selects brushes, colors, paint types and strokes.

Most decisions small and some large, all adding to one large creation.

That’s life.

You are responsible for your own life, and your own creation in the end.