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Everlasting Potato Rolls: A Case for Real Food

Halloween is over, but I have a scary story for you.

It all started two days ago.  I decided to clean the top of my refrigerator off.  The top of my fridge is where we store cookies, lunchboxes, fruit leather, tissue boxes, my brewing kombucha and bread.  And the horror story begins.  As you can tell, I need to add some organization into my home; however, this is not about my organizational challenges.  When I was cleaning off the top of the fridge, I came across one very unexpected thing.  A bag that contained two potato rolls that we bought back in August.

This is the tag of on the rolls.  The rolls were over 3 months old!!!

This is the tag of on the rolls. The rolls were over 3 months old!!!

This would be your average kitchen cleaning horror story if it was moldy and disgusting.  It was not. It was a nice as the day we bought it.  One roll was still soft.  When I bake bread, the bread will last 3 to 5 days before going moldy.  But this bread lasted 3 months with only slight hardening.

Potato rolls which "expired" three months ago.

Potato rolls which “expired” three months ago.

How does your body digest these things?  What is even in the rolls?  I looked at the ingredient list, and it was a list of chemicals with multiple syllables.  I could list it here, but please take my word that is was long and requires a degree in Chemistry to decipher.  Chris and I don’t even feel comfortable feeding this to the chickens.

Real homemade bread is one of the most perishable items in your kitchen.  However, these rolls have been modified so much that they lasted over three months without even a hint of mold.  This means that even the mold finds this franken-roll to be totally unappetizing.  This unintended experiment solidified my resolve to eat real food with real ingredients.  Thus concludes the horror of the everlasting potato roll.