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Reusable Coffee Filter

My mission is to make life simple.  Buy less, use less, throw less away.  Every morning, my husband and I (whoever gets up first) would use a paper coffee filter.  Yes, it’s not much in the way of waste, but it is a piece of the larger puzzle.

When we ran out of paper coffee filters, I knew I would be replacing it with a reusable one.


So here are the details:

Where did I get it?  the grocery store

How much did it cost?  $2.50.  That is ALL.  Not expensive saying I don’t have to worry about running out of coffee filters and I don’t have to buy them again.  I was happily surprised at the low price.

Is it easy to use?  Incredibly easy.  I dump the old grounds into our compost container (which I then put on our blueberries and strawberries as those plants like acidity). Then, I rinse it out and it is ready to go.  I would say it takes about 15 more seconds of work than our old method.  And once a week, I give it a good scrub down with hot soapy water ( this will take 2 minutes, maybe)


All in all, I am very happy with our reusable coffee filter and would recommend it to friends and family.  It’s simple and that’s our goal!!