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Applesauce – Easy, Sugar-Free, Delicious

Applesauce is another “recipe” that is so ridiculously easy and simple that is almost embarrassing to post it.  However, embarrassingly simple is still simple, and that’s the name of my game!  My husband and child love applesauce.  I’ve actually made and canned over 3 gallons of it so we can enjoy it all through the winter and through until the next apple season.

One half bushel (a peach basket), made about a gallon and a half or 6 quart jars of sauce.  Once made, you can freeze or can it.  While canning is out of the scope of this blog at this point, I processed the quart jars in a water bath for 20 minutes, leaving about an inch of head space.

Here are the nuts and bolts of how to make your own applesauce:

Step One:  Select your apples.  I strongly suggest you select a nice vareity of apples.  Include sweet and tart apples so that the sauce has a deeper taste profile, while still ensuring you have enough sweet apples so that adding sugar is unnecessary.  This is another example of where knowing your farmer is extremely helpful.  My husband bought apples for me.  He walked up to a stand at the farmer’s market where we get a lot produce, and told the woman who owns the stand that he wanted an apple mix to make applesauce.  She put together a mixed bag for us.  And it turned out wonderfully.

Step Two: Quarter your apples, remove the seeds, and place the apple in a large pot.  You can keep the skins on.  In fact, red skins will lend to a beautifully pink colored applesauce.  Only fill your pot about 3/4 full.  That way you have room to stir.  I actually  needed to use two pots for this amount of sauce. 20140928_153935 As the apples cook down, you can add more.  Add a little apple Juice (maybe a quarter cup) so that the apples have a little liquid to cook.  As the apples cook down, they will make their own liquid.  Please note: you can use water in place of the juice.   Turn the stove on Medium, stirring periodically.


Step 3: Continue to cook and stir the apples until they become the consistency of …   …applesauce.   Stirring is really important so that you don’t burn apples to the bottom of your pan.  (Quite frankly, out of three batches, I burned two.  This is not a big deal for your applesauce, it just takes a little lot more work to clean)



Step 4: Now, run your apples through a food mill.  Applesauce is what comes out the other side.


At this point you can freeze it, can it or eat it.  We like it just the way it is, but feel free to add cinnamon or nutmeg or any other spice you may like.


How super easy was this?  When making some of these recipes, I am shocked how simple they are.  One ingredient and lots of yum!!