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Ditch the Poof: Use a Wash Cloth

I’ll admit it, poofs are pretty awesome.  Whether  you use bar soap or a gel body wash, you are pretty much guaranteed a great lather.  They have a few drawbacks.  The main one that bothers me is that you can’t wash them.

These poofs are balls with an accumulation of mesh in the middle.  This middle is shaded from the outside with its outside layers and it’s almost never dry.  You don’t flatten your poof out to dry like a towel, you let it hang with all of its microbial dirtiness going on in its center.  While I understand a towel is made of cotton and a poof is a plastic material, I think we can still draw the same conclusion when thinking about it in the following way: take your towel after using it in the shower, crumple it into a ball and tie a string around it.  Then hang that tied towel in the shower (which most of the time is dark). How long would you feel comfortable using it without washing it?  How long do you go without washing your towel?

Granted, the different materials mean the poof will dry out faster, but after participating in the above mental exercise, I threw my (and my husband’s) poof away .  I had a small one in my bathroom cabinet that someone got me for Christmas years and years ago.  I found these instructions on it:

The instructions on the poof tell you to throw it out every 30 days.  It's so important, they tell you twice.

The instructions on the poof tell you to throw it out every 30 days. It’s so important, they tell you twice.

I wash my towels more than once a month, and I suspect you probably do, too.  Wouldn’t you want to replace your poof as often as you wash your towels, in the very least? That seems far from simple and highly wasteful.

For the past 2 years, my family and I have been using wash clothes.  I was even able to find super cool, super cute wash cloths sold at a local boutique.  ” Oh Julia! That sounds so expensive!” You may be thinking.  It actually wasn’t.  I believe it was less than $10 for 4 wash clothes.  And they look awesome. And super bonus, they were made by a local artisan.


You can wash them after every use,  and they last a really long time.  I will trade that for less lather any day!