We’ve Remodeled! (Our Chicken Coop, that is)

Chris and I have remodeled the inside of our coop.  First and foremost, its to make room for babies!! That’s right! We are expanding our flock from 10 ladies to 25.  We decided to make this addition due to a demand for our eggs.  Friends and family have been asking to buy eggs from us, and right now, we don’t have enough to supply ourselves and both Chris’s and my parents.

What did we do to remodel and make our coop so that it will happily house 1.5x more chickens?  We expanded the roosts up.  That way all of the girls can find a place to sleep at night.  Before we made this change the girls only had three perches.  This was perfect for our ten girls, but would not have been enough for our additions.  Also, the perches were made from bamboo, and needed to be replaced anyway as they were aging and becoming brittle.





This was made out of 2×4’s.  It only takes up half the coop, as the other half has the nesting boxes.  The nesting boxes used to be straight back from the door.


Our girls stopped laying in there, and all ten of them started laying in the southeast corner of the coop.


Ten girls laying in one spot is not ideal, so we decided to work with them.  After all, a chicken knows best what makes a chicken happy.  We moved the nesting boxes to this location.


So, did it work?  Let’s take a closer look at the photo above:


YES!! and they use all four of the boxes. So it’s not ten girls vying for one spot.

We will be adding an extra waterer and feeder later.  I hope the big girls are ready to add to their flocking family (pun intended).

It may take some time for everyone to adjust to their remodeled home, but we wanted everyone to be used to their new place before the little chicks were added.


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